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About Dr Debbie

Areas of Expertise



Chinese Herbal Medicine


Spinal Manipulation

Tui-na Massage

Food Therapy

Therapeutic Nutraceuticals

Animal Normalization Therapy

My Story


This is my third, my final act and I have come full circle. In an excerpt from my personal journal, written as I entered the first year of veterinary college, I wrote… “I want to build a veterinary practice that prevents pets from getting sick.” I learned a lot in veterinary college about what makes companion animals sick and I learned a lot about how to treat those illnesses. When I graduated in 1986, I set forth to open my own pet hospital and my goals were to practice the very best medicine, which I believe I did. 


But the very best allopathic medicine was not enough and that lead me to my second act - to pursue alternative theories of dis’ease’ and of wellness. My pursuit led me through the realms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Homotoxicology, Spinal Manipulation, Animal Normalization Therapy (ANT), therapeutic nutraceuticals and dietary interventions. I integrated these modalities into my medical toolbox and found great success… but also some disappointment. I realized much of the illness I saw was preventable or identifiable early in the life of my patients. But the day to day realities of fire engine medicine left little time to educate our pet parents about how to achieve wellness.


And that leads us to today. Building a new veterinary practice that’s primary mission is proactive veterinary care. The vision of Boyd’s Mobile Alternative Veterinary Services (BMAVS) is not to replace the services of your allopathic veterinarian but to help you "prevent your pet from getting sick".

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